Mixed Company

Print & Play

Thanks for coming to get your own copy of the Print & Play version of Mixed Company!
You can get your .pdf version of the game in just a few easy steps. Here’s how!

#1) Give us your email address

We’ll send over a link after we confirm your email address. We’ll also send you emails letting you know when we’ve updated the files, so you can see what changes we make from your feedback! And we will be sure to let you know as soon as our Kickstarter campaign goes live, too.

#2) Download the game

You’ll automatically receive an email from us with a link to the Google Drive folder with the latest Mixed Company Print & Play editions. You’ll also see a copy of these instructions in the folder in a more printer friendly format and more tips and tools as we get updates from our players.

#3) Print it up

Next, print up your cards and the rule sheet. You can either print these on your home printer or go to a local print shop and have them printed for you. We recommend cardstock 80 pounds or higher. If you’ve played our demo version with us, we use 110 pound cardstock.

#4) Cut the cards

In this case, we mean with a pair of scissors or paper cutter. We’ve also heard that some people prefer using a metal ruler and a craft knife with a cutting board. Each page has cut lines on the edges to make it easy to line up where to cut your cards.

You’re all set!

You have everything you need to get into some great conversations with our demo print and play. We’ve included two ways to play with this set, so feel free to start with the intro version or jump right in to the full game.

But don’t stop there!

#5) Help us out!

After you play, we’d appreciate some feedback! We’re almost done with our game design and initial playtesting phase, but we always love new suggestions. We have a player survey available at www.mixed.company/survey or feel free to email us at [email protected] if you’d rather give us more detailed information.

#6) Keep checking back!

We already know we’re going to be adding more Print & Play goodies to the ones that are available now and updating this page with a map showing where all our playtesters are playing. We’ll also have a question submission system soon to let you keep track of those questions that you find work really well for you and your friends as you fill in your blank cards. You can also see what’s working for other people.

#7) Join us on the web

Check out what we're reading and talking about on the Mixed Company Blog, and get additional questions to add to your game even before we finish getting up on Kickstarter.
We’d also love to have you join our Facebook Group and follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Reddit.
We’ll be posting contests and giveaways all through our campaign as well as getting lots of feedback through surveys where you can influence what ends up in the final version of Mixed Company.

Thank you so much for trying out our game!

We hope you and your gaming group get some amazing conversations going. Let us know about them! And watch our website for blog articles with even more questions to add in before we launch our Kickstarter in Summer 2019!